Risk Management

Tackle today’s risk management challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Zenix helps organizations around the world assess risk and develop tech-enabled solutions to manage risk in an agile manner and minimize potential losses. We bring leading insights and innovative capabilities to help you meet future challenges. Our team of former industry executives and regulators; risk management professionals and analytics experts help you plan and execute data-driven solutions to protect your business and encourage growth.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Zenix works with you to provide your directors with a risk-informed approach to ERM tailored to fit your organization’s maturity, risk culture, and risk management needs and expectations to drive better business performance. Organizations demand value beyond “enterprise risk listing” activities and ERM programs that loses momentum. However, each ERM program and its goals are unique.

Operational Resilience

Zenix experts bring a breadth of knowledge across the four domain areas of operational resilience: business, technology, cyber, and third-party. An effective operational resilience program can enhance and extend traditional business continuity management (BCM) practices and concepts, mitigating risk(s) that may stymie growth or cause regulatory or reputational harm.

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

Zenix expertise gives you the tools to build an effective ORM program to reap both immediate and long-term benefits. In today’s rapidly changing digital world, business and risk management groups must work within an integrated framework with clear accountabilities that will lead to an aligned organization for making sound decisions. It isn’t enough to be focused merely on understanding the status and limiting known risks; ORM objectives must evolve as business drivers change.

Credit Risk Management

At Zenix, we customize our credit risk management services based on the nature and quality of your portfolio and the objectives you seek to achieve. An effective credit risk management system enables you to identify, measure, and manage risks in accordance with your organization’s risk appetite prior to loss events occurring. Our solutions are designed and delivered to reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency and quality of credit risk decisions, and enhance your client experiences.

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

We offer an integrated one-stop solution for financial, information technology, compliance, and operational due diligence. Procurement and TPRM should be integrated across the lifecycle to enhance your visibility, efficiency, risk management, and cost management. The four sections of the TPRM lifecycle each have an important part to play in helping you determine the right partners to drive your business growth and customer success.

Risk and Compliance Analytics

We empower intelligent decision-making and help clients immunize against current and emerging threat vectors, all while navigating through a complex regulatory and business environment. Operating at the intersection of data, analytics, and technology, we enable clients across industries to extract insight and translate it into prudent risk detection.


Technology Risk Management

As organizations adopt new technologies, risk and exposure grow. We help design and implement operating models to manage technology risk and better control IT systems, people and processes. Our technology risk offerings reduce cost and risks while increasing agility.

Risk Transformation

We work with your organization to design, execute, embed, and sustain risk transformation initiatives. Worthwhile risk transformation does more than reduce the risk of non-compliance and regulatory penalties. It creates real business value by reducing operational costs and improving the efficiency and quality of risk decisions. At Zenix, we use technology, innovation, data, and analytics to transform the field of risk management.


Our Approach

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management run through the core of Zenix’s mission and solutions. Since our inception, we have partnered with leaders from nearly all top global banks across a wide variety of risk and regulatory matters. Our professionals partner with you to provide insight and strategic vision through a unique blend of industry expertise, integrated teams, and innovative solutions.