Our Expertise

Create a better future with responsive and sustainable solutions to the most complex challenges facing government organizations.

Governments are entrusted with a wide range of responsibilities including maintaining security, promoting and supporting economic growth, meeting the needs of their citizens, and maintaining infrastructure. In fulfilling these responsibilities, governments face many challenges such as attracting top talent, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information, managing major programs while limiting waste, fraud, and abuse, managing crises, and driving innovation to meet changing citizen expectations.

For some governmental bodies, these challenges were exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic when old processes and technologies were strained by unprecedented workloads. Leveraging the lessons learned during the pandemic will better prepare governments for the next crisis and position them to meet everyday requirements in a more efficient, effective, and responsive manner.

Zenix understands that the journey facing each governmental body is different. That’s why we offer our clients a tailored solution; we never assume a one-size-fits-all approach can address a client’s unique needs. Our Government teams across the globe are ready to deliver deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach, and unparalleled collaboration to help government leaders confidently face the future.


Performance Improvement

Zenix Performance Improvement professionals combine proven services and capabilities to enable lasting business transformation with sustained results. We assist with process mapping and backlog management.


Evolving needs and citizens’ expectations challenge even the most agile organizations to keep up in the Digital Age. We help government organizations to innovate and transform continuously.

Risk and Compliance

Zenix helps government entities assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and lead investigations into financial irregularities. Our risk and compliance professionals deliver on your risk management and operational objectives.

Technology Consulting

From establishing strategy and implementing future state solutions to supporting ongoing delivery of service, our focus is on agile design, and implementation.

Operational Resilience

Government entities must be agile in the face of change. We prepare organizations plan and execute disaster recovery and business continuity, while transforming workforces to be adaptable in the face of change.

Managed Solutions

We partner with you to manage any part of your technology, finance, or operations functions. We can scale to meet large scale challenges, driving performance and helping you to manage costs.

Internal Audit & Financial Advisory

We help build well-controlled government entities that drive operational excellence and reduce waste and abuse.

Sectors We Serve

California Public Agencies and Local Departments

California Public Agencies and local governments make decisions every day that impact the way we live. Decisions about housing, transportation, education, sanitation, economic development, and labor are often enacted at the state or local level, impacting us daily in ways seen and unseen. For the economy to grow and living standards to rise, city and state leaders must constantly evolve policies and programs, responding to ever-changing needs of their residents and constituents. 

In this environment, we help industry become more effective and efficient, in a way that is risk sensitive, regulatory compliant, well-controlled and enabled by leading technologies.