We use industry best practices and leading technology to create tailored solutions for your organization

Zenix’s Supply Chain and Operations Consulting experts work closely with key stakeholders to integrate industry best practices and tailor business solutions to help:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase productivity and service, and 
  • Reduce the capital required to support business goals and objectives

We work with leading technology providers to bring your organization the best solution to fit your individual needs.

Supply Chain Operations & Performance

At Zenix, we help organizations envision and run supply chain networks that drive change, align with their strategies, and make a positive impact on society. The supply chain of the future is a complete reimagining of how we’ve done things in the past.

Supply Chain Innovation

Zenix supply chain consulting experts work closely with key stakeholders to integrate industry best practices and tailored business solutions to meet the organization’s needs.

Sourcing & Procurement Transformation

Successful sourcing and procurement must address today’s needs with the foresight to plan for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Our team excels at helping organizations understand current opportunities while looking ahead to understand what is coming next.


Sustainable Operations

We help our clients to identify and address sustainability risks embedded within their operational footprint and value chains, thereby positioning them competitively into the future.

Our Approach

Managing the inherent risks of people, processes, and technology in relation to day-to-day business operations has become increasingly complex. Overly manual, reactive, and siloed operational methodologies of old are unsustainable and cannot continue.  

We help organizations implement operational risk capabilities that are agile and flexible in order to effectively and efficiently respond to the ever-changing environment. 

Intelligent Warehouse and Distribution: Increasing customer demands, supply chain disruptions, and changing marketplaces require organizations to act quickly while maintaining cost competitiveness. Zenix helps organizations design and implement more automation and robotics into their supply chain. 

Always on Field Services: Provide timely installation, maintenance, and service of your equipment without negatively affecting your organization with Always on Field Services. Utilizing this technology, Zenix helps organizations manage costs and ensure proactive field servicing by leveraging machine learning, AI, and IoT. 

Supplier Risk Management: Zenix helps build deep supply chain resilience capabilities by focusing on the greatest risk to any organization—vendor risk exposure. Our experts in vendor risk management help organizations manage and monitor potential supply and distribution disruptions. 

Quality: Preventing defects from reaching your customers is critical to maintaining both profitability and customer satisfaction. Zenix helps develop processes to identify and manage quality risks, using technology to identify, track, and resolve quality issues. 

Agile Factories: Market environments can change quickly, and impacts in one part of the supply chain can reverberate across the whole. We help manufacturers put into place flexible systems and processes that allow for real-time reactions to changes and shocks to the marketplace.