Data Privacy

Proactively navigate the data privacy regulation landscape

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented change in the data privacy landscape. Changing state, federal, and global regulations are forcing constant business, technical, and legal operational changes. These changes are not necessarily exclusive of one another and often overlap, resulting in highly complex legal and regulatory scenarios.

Moreover, these regulations provide consumers with greater transparency and control around how their data is stored, reinforcing every business’s ethical obligation to deliver value and build trust with stakeholders to remain competitive.

Zenixs data privacy consulting team understands the risks and challenges companies face in developing and maintaining effective privacy and data protection programs. We offer a dedicated global cross-functional team that includes former regulatory agency officials, attorneys, chief privacy and data officers, technologists and privacy consultants, and auditors who are skilled at designing, implementing, and examining the effectiveness of privacy programs for complex global organizations.

Drawing on our deep expertise, skills, and experience in regulatory compliance, business processes, technology, information security, and communications, we partner with you to:

  • Understand jurisdictions and regulatory obligations
  • Assess organizational privacy needs
  • Implement appropriate compliance measures and safeguards
  • Respond to new and changing regulations

Privacy Compliance

Compliance with current and future privacy laws requires disciplined execution. From developing a robust compliance strategy to managing consent order response and data subject requests for information, Zenix can help at every stage.

Data Discovery

We help establish a formal inventory of data to capture where personal data is collected, processed, and stored. Paired with data privacy flow mapping, classification, and assessments, companies can automate and optimize their data discovery efforts.


Privacy as a Service

Think of us as an extension of your team. We provide tailored, full-service support to assess privacy needs, implement and automate privacy-related functions, and respond to new and changing regulations.

Our comprehensive approach to data privacy

Data privacy regulations are in flux globally. Even as companies put the finishing touches on extensive preparations to comply with applicable privacy laws, such as the European Union’s GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act, new regulations continue to be introduced in other countries. As legislators pass new laws, they continuously amend those already in effect. Data privacy regulations are not static.

The problem and proposed solutions are complex and evolving. One thing is almost certain—anyone aiming to comply with a specific regulation with a target date in mind will be disappointed as those near-term obligations are supplanted by new and different rules over the mid and long-term.

In response to this changing landscape, Zenix applies a holistic framework that addresses the fundamental aspects of data privacy without being locked into any one specific compliance format. We focus on the most pressing data privacy issues companies face, including:

  • Developing strategies to address global data privacy regulations
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Addressing resource and skill shortages
  • Operationalizing privacy needs
  • Implementing privacy tools and remediation support

By working ahead of the law in a comprehensive fashion, Zenix helps build the foundations of a strong but flexible privacy program that includes understanding principles, educating stakeholders, and developing an applicable governance structure for managing changes. This base enables companies and their stakeholders to look to the uncertain future of privacy regulations with greater confidence.