Internal Audit

Audit. Advise. Advance.

We deliver world-class internal audit services, leveraging leading practices that we have helped define and shape for the profession.  Innovation inspires and encourages. Technology and data enable and deliver insight and efficiency.  Proven and contemporary methods drive results.  Our strategic Internal Audit sourcing models deliver specialized talent, methodology, and technology to meet the evolving needs of Internal Audit functions ranging from full outsourced solutions and delivery centers to tactical staff-augmentation.

Technology Audit

Meet your IT risk, governance, and compliance objectives through access to leading audit and controls specialists who will help you identify, assess, manage, and mitigate key technology risks.

Audit Transformation

Provide strategic advice to Audit Committee, Executives and Chief Auditors.  Plan for and drive transformation of Internal Audit programs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and value delivered to the organization.

Audit Innovation

Enable audit functions with Next Generation strategies, tools, and technologies including data-driven audits, design thinking, artificial intelligence and automation.

Controls Advisory

Access deep expertise related to all-things controls, whether to support internal audit, audit-readiness, compliance, or regulatory objectives. Design, implement, and run control testing programs and embed the controls-mindset into everything an organization does.


Fraud Risk Management

Respond to red flags or fraud reports and develop right-sized fraud risk management programs tailored to your unique fraud risk profile.

Capital Project Consulting

Realize the maximum potential of your capital programs and projects. We bring hands-on experience in construction, engineering, procurement, contracting, and construction auditing.




Subscription-based website that provides audit programs, checklists, tools and training to help risk management professionals save time, manage risk and add value.  Start a 30-day free trial.

Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing

World-class industry and technical skills, available where and when you need them. Zenix can deliver full outsourced solutions, access to subject matter experts, onshore and offshore delivery centers models, and tactical staff-augmentation.

Our Approach

Our internal audit solutions bring deep expertize and industry- and domain-insight to enhance and protect organizational value through our risk-based and objective audit, assessment, and advisory services.   

Businesses are facing complex challenges, change, and disruption in an ever evolving and dynamic business, socioeconomic, and regulatory landscape.  These challenges result in new risks and opportunities to organizations. Effectively navigating these opportunities and risks requires an internal audit function that is forward-looking, focused on innovation and continuous improvement.  And, has access to all the skills and experiences necessary to delivery timely, relevant, and deep insight as a trusted advisor to Audit Committees and business executives.

Zenix’s  approach:

  • Deep technical and industry skillsets 
  • Focused on innovation 
  • Range of sourcing solutions – from fully outsourced and delivery center capabilities to strategic staffing solutions 
  • Controls, compliance, and risk management expertise 
  • Focused on you 

We provide you with better information for decision-making regarding the systems and processes that drive your technology, compliance, or operational efforts. Our expertise and technology and innovation focus help you identify opportunities to improve business performance.